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Pugs are the most popular dogs in north America. Pugs are weird looking dogs that are very silly looking and almost like a cartoon.  The pug comes in different colours, like black, fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn and sometimes white.



They will eat just about everything, but their small noses make it hard for them to chew. Believe it or not pugs originated in china, and they are not bred to just look cute but to have Chinese words written in the wrinkles in their faces.



The reason for this is because they might be hungry or might be a primal instanced or a medical problem. When a dog has puppies they would poop all over the place and the mother would have to eat it to get rid of the smell so predators smell them.  The puppies learn to do it to and it may become a habit.

There are some medical problems that could cause dogs to eat poop, like a pancreatic insufficiency or parasites. It could also be a nutritional deficiency. If your dog is eating its own poop then you should probably check it for parasites.


Children with Lyme disease have unique issues. They don’t know what it feels like to be “normal”, so they and their parents might not know anything is wrong until teachers at school pick up on various issues. Unfortunately, the symptoms are often vague, so parents and teachers may suspect them of being lazy, daydreaming or even making things up to gain attention. ADD is a common diagnosis, and stimulants are often prescribed. Although stimulants may temporarily help the child finish his work, this does nothing to address the underlying issues or recapture health. It is also difficult for parents to know when their child’s symptoms are worse or better, because the children themselves are often unable to realize and verbalize. It is obviously hard to pinpoint any symptoms if you’ve never experienced normal healthy.

Children with Borrelia often feel left behind because of the social isolation caused being ‘sick’ so often. They often lag behind in school because their brains just won’t work right. Children suffer when their bodies hurt. They aren’t refreshed after a night’s sleep. They experience insomnia – the inability to easily fall asleep at night, which compounds their fatigue. They struggle in school simply because they don’t have the energy and focus needed. When they push themselves, more often than not, their health declines. Rest when feeling tired is very important!

Lyme pediatric specialist Charles Ray Jones, MD compiled a list of common symptoms of infection in his young patients:

  • severe fatigue unrelieved by rest
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • nausea, abdominal pain
  • impaired concentration
  • poor short-term memory
  • inability to sustain attention
  • difficulty thinking and expressing thoughts
  • difficulty reading and writing
  • being overwhelmed by schoolwork
  • difficulty making decisions
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • noise and light sensitivity

There are other symptoms, but I’ve only listed the ones that Sam experiences. Unfortunately for our daughter, I also have lyme, so treating it is challenging, as constant and debilitating fatigue is one of my most prominent symptoms. Blah!

I love home made things.    They save you money, are chemical free and it just plain feels good to use them, knowing they’re natural and you made it yourself!

Many commercial dishwasher detergents contain petroleum based ingredients – Yuck!   While any trace amounts that may remain on the dishes is negligible, the grey water containing them still goes down the drain, into the environment.    A great way to be sure you aren’t using harmful chemicals to wash your dishes with is to make your own, using 4 simple, natural ingredients.

I found this simple, eco friendly dishwasher soap recipe you can easily make in just a couple of minutes.

2 parts borax
2 parts washing soda
1 part citric acid
1 part kosher salt


1 part each of:   Borax, washing soda and Lemi Shine®.  

UPDATE:   After using this for a few loads, my dishes got all cloudy!    Going to use Lemi Shine and see if that works.    

Mix together and store in a covered container. Use one rounded tablespoon per load.

Use vinegar in the ‘rinse agent’ compartment.


The ingredients:

Borax is a natural material that is mined. You’ll find it in the laundry supplies aisle at the grocery store.

Washing soda, aka sodium carbonate, has been used for generations. It’s a natural material, comprised of salt and limestone.

Kosher salt is simply pure salt.

Citric acid can be substituted for unsweetened lemon-aid koolaid.

Lemi Shine® is  100%  natural, made only from fruit acids and oils.

If you’re more ambitious, you can make them into tablespoon sized balls by spritzing them with a little water , the same way bath bombs are made.(be very careful, too much water and they’ll fizz up on you) .    Just enough water to make the balls hold together when compressed.    Let dry and you’re done.   Be sure the shape of your balls can fit into the dishwasher’s soap container.

My daughters use Happy Heinys diapers and love them. I have never used them, I don’t have kids in diapers anymore, and when I did I used Pampers and Huggies. If there had been cloth diapers as easy to use as Happy Heinys, I would have used cloth because they are so easy to use and so comfortable that I figure it’d be worth it to get organized in the laundry room and save money on diapers.

Although they seem to cost a lot, when you compare the one time cost of buying custom cloth diapers to the ongoing cost of disposables, cloth diapers are a lot less expensive.


We recieved the Kids Kargo Tandem Double Jogging Stroller (phew! That’s a long name!). We ordered it on eBay!, and it arrived in perfect condition.

We love it.

It’s barely any longer than a single stroller. In fact, with the new baby in the back seat, people didn’t even know he was there until we pointed him out. The stroller is so compact that without noticing the two sun visors, people assumed it was a regular stroller.

It’s the same width as a single stroller, so the Kids Cargo Double Jogging Stroller is perfect for our walks uptown to shop.

There is plenty of room in the front seat for older kids, and the back seat is a comfy spot for infants. One drawback is the backseat doesn’t have a lot of leg room.

You can lock the swivelling front wheet in place, which comes in handy for both very smooth rides and very bumpy ones.

One thing that is missing is a hand break. I love to have a hand brake because it makes going downhill a lot easier! We’re going to buy a bicycle handbreak and put install it ourselves.

There’s a handy pouch behind the backseat, which even has a little pocket for bottles. Of course, we use ours for our own water bottles. :-)

The basket underneath provides some extra storage, which we like to have for shopping.

All in all, the Kidz Kargo Discovera Tandem Double Jogging Stroller gets a pass from us and a big thumbs up. Costing half as much as similar strollers we were considering to buy, it delivers all we wanted with the one exception of a hand brake.

Kids Cargo Discovera Tandem Double Joggins Stroller facts:

· 5 point safety harnesses
· Two position footrest
· Cushion and footmuff
· Front swivel wheel
· Back seat suitable from birth
· Front seat suitable from 6 months
· Roomy shopping basket
· Raincover
· Multi position hood with clear viewing window
· Wrist strap safety feature
· Rugged easily removable wheels
· Compact and easy folding
· Both seats suitable to 15kg, 33 lb
· Handle height 41″
· Size when erect: 47″ x 22″ x 41″
· Size when folded: 24″ x 22″ x 41″
· Front seat width: 14″
· Back seat width: 17″
· Net weight 14kg, 30.8 lb
· Fibre: Polyester 65% Cotton 35%,Filling: 100% polyester

Well, we have a double jogging stroller – which was wonderful. However, the problem was the darn thing is so wide, you can’t even get through some doors. So my daughter went shopping, online, to find a tandem jogging stroller and found something that looks very good.

The stoller we chose was the Kidz Kargo Discovera Tandem Double Jogging Stroller. It’s made in europe, but fairly easy to get in America, providing you like to shop online! We just ordered one from ebay.

There were a few reasons we picked this particular tandem stroller.
– It’s very small – the Kidz Kargo Discovera Tandem Double Jogging Stroller isn’t much longer than a single jogging stroller!
– It comes complete with footmuff, rain cover, and adjustable canopies . We need the raincover here and the footmuff is perfect for my new grandson. Just slide him in and he’ll be all ready without having to wrap him in blankets, first.
– Swiveling Front Wheel. Great for easy maneuvering.
– Wrist strap for added safety. I always use a wrist strap when we’re on inclines.

We ordered it on ebay, and are very excited about it. I will definitely be posting a review after we’ve had a chance to take Kidz Kargo Discovera Tandem Double Jogging Stroller through the paces!

Ferrets make wonderful pets, but they aren’t recommended for homes with small children. This isn’t because the ferret is a danger to the child, but visa versa. The sheer exuberance in their play – children and ferrets – can make for some dangerous situations for the ferret, who hasn’t sense enough to avoid it.

Our ferret has lived through many close calls with our 3 year old. I swear that ferret has had more lives than a cat, and he still loves to play with her. He’s been held underwater during her bath so she can wash him, he’s been stuffed inside a plastic bag, he’s been stuck head first in a boot and almost suffocated…

I would suggest that anybody who is considering getting a ferret should wait until the youngest child in the family is at least 6. Old enough to understand that ferrets are not teddy bears, but are real, breathing creatures.

For older children, ferrets are almost an ideal pet. They interract with us, they play, and they will go back to their cages for a nap when we need them to. There is a forum about Ferrets, for anyone who is interested in learning more about these wonderful pets.

A stroller is kind of a big investment. We’ve gone through a few models in my family, and I have some advice for future buyers.

If you are going to use the stroller for shopping, one thing you really need is a good sized basket underneath. Room for things you buy, your diaper bags and whatever you buy while you’re out!

If you’re going to do any “off roading” with the stroller, you’ll definitely want to buy a jogging stroller. The big wheels make a huge difference, and the handbrakes most have make going downhills a lot easier – safer, too.

We go on a lot of long walks – hikes – and with a regular stroller, the poor kids got a noisey, bumpy ride on uneven terrain, such as nature paths or gravel roads. After we switched to a jogging stroller, we found a huge difference in the quality of the ride. The big, air-filled tires on jogging strollers make the ride smoother and quiet and much easier to push. The only drawback we found with jogging strollers is the basket space underneath tend to be small.

The sollution for the small storage space is to buy a bag that is designed to hang behind the seat, on the handle bars. It’s also a good idea to look into getting some kind of cup holder for the strollers.

When buying a jogging stroller, a feature that we have liked is a front wheel that swivels, making turning all but the sharpest corners possible without having to lift the front wheel off the ground. This may not sound like a big deal, but believe me, it will save you a ton of energy! These swivel wheels are very stable, keeping the stroller straight until you push it into a turn.

In summary:

1. Storage is important – either find a stoller with a good sized basket, or invest in an attachable bag.
2. Even if you aren’t a jogger, a jogging stroller makes for easier pushing and a much quieter, smoother ride.
3. If you buy a jogging stroller, we recommend finding one with a swivelling front wheel. It’ll save you a lot of energy around the corners.

Last Monday at 3:00 in the morning the phone rang. It was my 38 week pregnant daughter calling. I had already been awake for a few minutes. “What’s up?”, I asked. “What do you think!!”. I don’t know where my head was, what other reason would she be calling me early in the morning. The baby was on the way.

Luckily, my other daughter was spending the night at my house, so the expectant parents loaded up their 1 year old and drove him over so Joc could babysit him and my 3.5 year old daughter, while I rushed to the hospital with them. I consider myself a very lucky woman that they both wanted me in the delivery room again this time.

Little Michael, 8 pounds and 6 ounces, and a full head of dark hair, was born after a fast and smooth labour at 6:50 in the morning.

My other daughter is expecting a baby in June. I can hardly wait!