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Monday, March 20, 2006

Buying a stroller

A stroller is kind of a big investment. We've gone through a few models in my family, and I have some advice for future buyers.

If you are going to use the stroller for shopping, one thing you really need is a good sized basket underneath. Room for things you buy, your diaper bags and whatever you buy while you're out!

If you're going to do any "off roading" with the stroller, you'll definitely want to buy a jogging stroller. The big wheels make a huge difference, and the handbrakes most have make going downhills a lot easier - safer, too.

We go on a lot of long walks - hikes - and with a regular stroller, the poor kids got a noisey, bumpy ride on uneven terrain, such as nature paths or gravel roads. After we switched to a jogging stroller, we found a huge difference in the quality of the ride. The big, air-filled tires on jogging strollers make the ride smoother and quiet and much easier to push. The only drawback we found with jogging strollers is the basket space underneath tend to be small.

The sollution for the small storage space is to buy a bag that is designed to hang behind the seat, on the handle bars. It's also a good idea to look into getting some kind of cup holder for the strollers.

When buying a jogging stroller, a feature that we have liked is a front wheel that swivels, making turning all but the sharpest corners possible without having to lift the front wheel off the ground. This may not sound like a big deal, but believe me, it will save you a ton of energy! These swivel wheels are very stable, keeping the stroller straight until you push it into a turn.

In summary:

1. Storage is important - either find a stoller with a good sized basket, or invest in an attachable bag.
2. Even if you aren't a jogger, a jogging stroller makes for easier pushing and a much quieter, smoother ride.
3. If you buy a jogging stroller, we recommend finding one with a swivelling front wheel. It'll save you a lot of energy around the corners.


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