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DIY Dishwasher soap

Posted by admin on Jan-23-2012

I love home made things.    They save you money, are chemical free and it just plain feels good to use them, knowing they’re natural and you made it yourself!

Many commercial dishwasher detergents contain petroleum based ingredients – Yuck!   While any trace amounts that may remain on the dishes is negligible, the grey water containing them still goes down the drain, into the environment.    A great way to be sure you aren’t using harmful chemicals to wash your dishes with is to make your own, using 4 simple, natural ingredients.

I found this simple, eco friendly dishwasher soap recipe you can easily make in just a couple of minutes.

2 parts borax
2 parts washing soda
1 part citric acid
1 part kosher salt


1 part each of:   Borax, washing soda and Lemi Shine®.  

UPDATE:   After using this for a few loads, my dishes got all cloudy!    Going to use Lemi Shine and see if that works.    

Mix together and store in a covered container. Use one rounded tablespoon per load.

Use vinegar in the ‘rinse agent’ compartment.


The ingredients:

Borax is a natural material that is mined. You’ll find it in the laundry supplies aisle at the grocery store.

Washing soda, aka sodium carbonate, has been used for generations. It’s a natural material, comprised of salt and limestone.

Kosher salt is simply pure salt.

Citric acid can be substituted for unsweetened lemon-aid koolaid.

Lemi Shine® is  100%  natural, made only from fruit acids and oils.

If you’re more ambitious, you can make them into tablespoon sized balls by spritzing them with a little water , the same way bath bombs are made.(be very careful, too much water and they’ll fizz up on you) .    Just enough water to make the balls hold together when compressed.    Let dry and you’re done.   Be sure the shape of your balls can fit into the dishwasher’s soap container.