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Pug Facts

Posted by admin on Dec-3-2014




Pugs are the most popular dogs in north America. Pugs are weird looking dogs that are very silly looking and almost like a cartoon.  The pug comes in different colours, like black, fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn and sometimes white.



They will eat just about everything, but their small noses make it hard for them to chew. Believe it or not pugs originated in china, and they are not bred to just look cute but to have Chinese words written in the wrinkles in their faces.



Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Posted by admin on Dec-2-2014

The reason for this is because they might be hungry or might be a primal instanced or a medical problem. When a dog has puppies they would poop all over the place and the mother would have to eat it to get rid of the smell so predators smell them.  The puppies learn to do it to and it may become a habit.

There are some medical problems that could cause dogs to eat poop, like a pancreatic insufficiency or parasites. It could also be a nutritional deficiency. If your dog is eating its own poop then you should probably check it for parasites.